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Choosing priorities

2 June 2015

WHEN DEVELOPING A BUDGET IN ANTICIPATION OF A NEW DEVELOPMENT, IT IS DIFFICULT TO KNOW WHERE TO START. Moreover, it is not easy to make several choices simultaneously. The best tip I can give you to help you avoid losing control and literally within your overall budget, is to choose your priorities. Ask yourself the question: what is the most important aspect for me, for I am good? Prioritize the point that is on the top of your list, will help you make your choices and to evenly distribute your budget. Always lost? Here are some points that will help to guide you.


If you are the conservative type, you like to keep the same decor for several years, and then choose quality. A choice of strong, durable materials will help you to properly maintain your top choices. A cabinet or material can be comfortable and look good when new, but it can also deteriorate in a short time. To avoid mistakes and having to make short-term changes, learn about the product you purchase. What is its origin? What are the materials used? How is it made? If the representative with who you are dealing does not answer these three questions, it should be quite normal to know what we consume.



If for you, comfort is important, quality is also important. When opting for comfort, it should be sustainable! To be satisfied with your choices, feel free to try and test the product. Shopping online is now practiced and is emerging. For some items, it is absolutely brilliant; it saves a lot of time by shopping from your own home. For some materials, the seat furniture, it is impossible to guess from the comfort of a photo even if high resolution. You may be disappointed … It is best to shop locally and try until you are sure of your decision. Make yourself comfortable, as you would in your own living room. Don’t be shy, showrooms exist for this reason.

If you like being “up to date” and follow trends, maximize your budget based on your decor, the elements that remain in the longer term. For the items you want to see from the next arrival from fashion, limit your budget. To comply with a change in diet to five years (or less), use a more neutral furnishings and decorative elements more “fashion”. It works! Your wallet will love you more.



If you want to maximize your space and make it functional to the square inch, shop based on the ideal size to suit your room. Avoid choosing too big or too small cabinet, only because its design please. Each item that you provide you must be functional and properly furnish a room while respecting a space of adequate circulation. If no supplier meets your requirements, it may be advantageous to turn to the custom …



Order your priorities; you will give a sacred call? This will prevent you from falling into a whirlpool; you will lose yourself among the tons of decisions to make and many choices to make. To make everything more enjoyable, take the time to make a list, with what you want to find in your new interior. After all, the important thing is that you feel good!