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22 March 2015


The new generation search lofts, open spaces, for a friendly lifestyle; an interior that allows and makes you want to receive family and friends regularly and where you can both cook and chat with your guests. Who says open space, said several areas that share the same walls. A constraint for many, when it comes to time to think about their color.

If we want to preserve this purpose “open”, it should be avoided as much as possible, cutting from one wall to the other, especially if your interior design offers interesting items you do not want to lose them in the decor, but highlight them.



Unlike previous trends, it does not define these various zones with different shades of paint here and there, but with the positioning of the furniture.

If you’re the type to decorate your walls or panels with decorative items, opt for a single neutral light tone on the walls. This way, you will avoid the overloading effect and the unique shade will give a “gallery” look to your home. Ideal for the eclectic decor!

For those who prefer a modern and refined style, light walls are appropriate, but they tend to make the atmosphere a little cold. The solution is to create a contrast with darker wall or colored, which will give character and dress your room without adding elements.

AVOID: Apply a dark color on two perpendicular walls can reduce ambient light and thus reduce the size effect.

It is certain that every place is unique and it is not always easy to match colors and materials for open spaces. Still confused? Call upon the eye of a designer or decorator to advise you. Taking into account the brightness of the room, the professional will help you choose the right tonic, which will highlight your interior and bring light and warmth to your room.