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The mixture of styles

2 May 2015


I am often asked what the style trend is now. In fact, the trend is the mixture of styles. It makes room for all styles called “vintage” now. The term “vintage” is wide enough in itself. It means all the trends of the previous decades, and these are back in full force!

As a designer, I find this very a very exciting trend. It leaves room for originality and allows each of us to express our own personality through its interior design. It offers a beautiful wealth, and most importantly, gets our “old business”. What we found “cheesy” or distasteful yesterday, is very trendy today.



The important thing is to know how to calibrate their mixture. The modernity of your room will highlight your style accents. Over the basis of your decor is simple, the more your interior gives the impression of an art gallery. Uniform walls and clean lines will showcase Louis XV sofa that your grandmother left you an inheritance or baroque mirror found in a flea market late last week.

Anyway, the trend of the time is your tendency “darling.” Stop asking yourself what is the trend right now, go ahead with what you really like and customize it your way. Go do you’re shopping in the idea of finding favorite items that make you vibrate. You can then work your decor around these items that will become your inspiration.